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This section provides a list of tasty Runner Bean recipes that we, our family and our friends have tried and enjoyed. There are also links to recipes on other websites to help you to get the greatest taste variety from your runner beans in or out of season. It is aimed at helping you to find some new and exciting ways to eat your runners, because when you have a glut of any fruit or vegetable it is easy to get bored with eating them presented the same way every day. 

Runner beans are a veg we tend to eat only when they are in season. This is not because we don't like them much, in fact we love them, it is beacause they taste just wonderful freshly picked off the plant. We really look forward to the runner bean season, when the beans are ready to pick it is a very special time of year. What I have found is that the tasty Runner is a forgotten veg when it comes to recipes. This has lead us to trying them as a subsittute in recipes calling for French or green beans. try it yourselves and see what you come up with. 

Runner beans do freeze particularly well and in any of these recipes you can use fresh or frozen beans, but fresh is best really! Remember, if you come across a recipe that calls for French or Fine Beans you can always substitute runner beans, we know they taste nicer!

Still waiting for the beans to grow so photo's will follow.

Happy eating!

Recipes eaten and enjoyed by us, our family and friends.


Running Mac and Cheese

Or Macaroni cheese with runner beans. Mac and cheese makes a great snack and can be volume up to a filling meal. Recipes for macaroni cheese are easy to come by but we have been thinking of how to use a glut of runner beans up. Give it a go.




Runner Beans in Tomato Sauce

Runner beans in tomato sauce provides a delicious vegetable side dish and gravy all in one. This recipe can easily be volumed up with your favourite veg for a vegetarian casserole.



Runner Bean Chutney

This is a really tasty chutney which improves with age, so make this year for next. However, if you really can't wait, it is good to get out on Boxing Day when there is a wealth of leftovers to use up.



Runner bean and bacon salad

In our everlasting hunt for interesting things to use Runner Beans for John came across this recipe. It is an adaptation of a French bean recipe and one of those that we make up to take to friends when we are invited to a BBQ. 



Runner bean and couscous salad with crumbled Wensleydale.

In this recipe the fresh green colour of the beans and peas makes the couscous look really appetising. It makes a great side dish at a BBQ or a tasty vegetarian lunch



 Runner bean spahgetti with Bolognaise Sauce

This is our take on a bolognaise Sauce served with runner beans instaed of spaghetti. Try other pasta sauces if you can't or don't eat pasta, runner beans make a great substitute.






Unconventional Salad Nicoise

A tasty version of the traditional salad nicoise arrived at through years of making it up, that works very well with runner beans instead of fine green or French beans.




If you like these recipes, we have a whole section dedicated to sharing recipes with you. Our recipe of the week is linked to our Facebook page so Like Us to keep updated of anything new. If you have a runner bean based reciepe to share, send it in, we would love to hear from you.

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Links to other Runner Bean recipes

We have researched a number of Runner Bean recipes for you and have them stored on our Pinterest board "Recipes using Runner Beans". Follow this link to Pinterest and browse through for inspiration or follow the links below to other web sites.

Eat and enjoy!