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coldcompost1Cold composting is an aerobic process that occurs when compostable ingredients are added to a bin over time creating layers of material. Microrganisms that are found naturally in soil, the air and within the compostable ingredients gradually eat their way through the layers creating compost as they go. It takes little effort and 6 months plus to produce a useable medium.

The majority of beginners start making compost using a compost bin and putting their waste into it. They are cold composting on a small scale. Over time and with increased knowledge of what can be put into the compost bin most people find 1 bin is insufficient to manage the volume of waste they have and they either buy more bins or take the leap to a bay style composter. They are still cold composting.


In this section we will;-cold.compost.layers2

  • Explore cold composting on a small, medium and large scale, how the procees changes as the volume increases and what needs to happen to store the increasing volume of waste being processed.
  • Look at what the ideal ingredients you should use to make your cold compost
  • Identify what should not go into your cold compost bin
  • Look at types of cold composting bins and bays you can buy
  • Look at making your own cold compost bin
  • Look at some of the most common problems

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