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Hot composting is an aerobic process that occurs when a large amount of compostable ingredients are put together at the same time and turned. The composting takes place quickly, generating heat, and hence, hot composting. The microorganisms found naturally in soil, the air and within the compostable ingredients themselves gradually eat their way through the pile of ingredients, which need turning on a regular basis. It usually takes space, a bit of effort and 6 to 8 weeks to produce a useable medium.


The majority of beginners start making compost using a compost bin and the cold composting method. If however you have access to a larger volume of green and brown waste, have a space you can set aside for your compost pile or compost heap, are physically fit and feel confident enough to have a go at hot composting this section will help you. In this section we will;

  • Explore hot composting on a medium, large and industrial scale, how the process changes as the volume of material increases and what needs to happen to store the increasing volume of compost produced.
  • Look at the ideal ingredients you should use to make your hot compost
  • Identify what should not go onto your hot compost heap
  • Look at the hot compost tumblers and the tumbler methodology 
  • Look at some of the most common problems experianced via our FAQ's

If you have any questions about hot composting please ask me.

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