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Cooking with eggs is a simple and great way to create a cheap meal or tasty snack in no time at all. However having a ready supply of eggs means that you will soon want to start being creative in your cooking. When you get to that time of year when all your girls are giving you an egg a day then you will start looking for recipes that use more than one or two eggs at a time. This section is dedicated to helping you stay ahead of the game and giving you some creative meal ideas at the same time.

Remember that anyone can cook an egg. Not only that but anyone can cook an egg that looks delicious and is tasty as well. There is just a trick to getting it right every time. Once you have the knack of the basics you can move on to creating some wonderful dishes either enhancing your basic egg dish or using your eggs in other ways.

In this section we aim to help you out with a one stop shop for egg recipes. Before you get into anything complex though, especially if you are not an experienced cook, we kick off with the basics;

  • How cooked is cooked - which means, how long should I cook my egg in order to get the yolk just right for me or the recipe I am following.
  • Boiling - which means cooking your egg in hot water having not removed it from the shell first
  • Frying - cooking your egg in hot oil
  • Poaching - which is boiling an egg withgout the shell on
  • Omelettes - which means you beat your egg before you fry it 
  • Scrambling - which doesn't mean your omelette has gone wrong, but it could do!

boiledsoftfriedsunnysideupPoached eggsomelettebasiconplatescrambledbasiconaplate

We will then provide some tasty recipes that use your basic skills to make more of a meal, something dressed to impress!


When you have a glut of eggs you will soon be looking for recipes that use up volumes of egg, having an eggy breakfast or supper everyday may not use up enough and will soon get dull. So I have researched some recipes that use up 4 or more eggs at a time so check out some of these;

  • Quiches and fritata
  • Shuh Pastry
  • Cakes
  • Curds

 Onion tart1profiterolescherryclafloutisglutbanoffeegateauxlemoncurd3

Last but not least we will explore cooking with just the yolks or whites. At some point you are going to come across a must try recipe that uses only either egg whites or egg yolks, so I have put together a list of both to help you use up the bit you didn’t need. Remember egg whites and yolks freeze so if you have only one spare pop it in the freezer until you have another you can put with it. Don’t leave yolks in the freezer for more than 2 weeks though as they dry out. In this section we will cover off some of the following;

  • Ice cream
  • meringe
  • Eggnog
  • soufle
  • custard
  • extra rich pastry

veryberrymeringuenestsManchester tartMeringue nestWhitesraspberrymeringuegateaux3

In all cases, as we come across more, we will add them. So pop back regularly for more ideas. If you have some photo's to share, we would love to hear from you or you can post them on our Facebook page.

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We hope you have enjoy these recipes and would love to hear from you if you have any recipes to share, serving suggestions or variations to add. 

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Happy eating!