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cold.compost.layersMaking compost is one of the easiest forms of recycling for personal benefit, that can be done at home. To begin with all you need to successfully create compost is the desire to have a go.

Composting is a natural process that makes use of waste from the home and garden to produce a growing medium that many people go to the garden centre to buy. By taking a few basic ingredients, putting them in a bottomless bin and leaving nature to take its course it takes a matter of weeks to turn waste into compost which can be used to feed the soil you grow your plants in. You don't need a large garden, in fact you don't need a garden at all but a little green space is helpful. You don't need a lot of waste, however you will be surprised at just how much compostable waste you produce. You don't need to spend hours doing it, cold composting on a small scale needs none of your time at all. Making compost doesn't need to cost anything, you don't even need to buy a bin if you don't want to, you can make one.

I started making compost in the 2000, very unsuccessfully. Over time, and with some help from my friend Kate, I have learned how to address the problems and now produce a good growing medium just using my kitchen and garden waste. I became so enthusiastic that in 2007 I became a Compost Ambassador for Swindon in Wiltshire, and helped The Wiltshire Wildlife Trust to promote home composting, troubleshoot composting problems and give advice to locals to help reduce landfill in the Swindon area.

I now want to share my knowledge with you and hope you to can also become a happy composter.

If you want to know how to make compost, read on. If you have any questions please ask me.

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