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This section is dedicated to anyone who wants to, or already does, grow their own food with the intention of eating it. No matter how big or small the space you have available there is always something you can grow for your own consumption. There is no better pleasure than grabbing fresh food from the "garden", preparing and eating it. Anything you grow yourself will taste better than it's equivalent in the supermarket

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My aim is to tell you about the more popular fruit and vegetables grown in the UK. I will help you to understand how to; grow the plants and identify how many plants you need, keep your plants healthy so they produce a lovely crop, identify the best time to gather in the crop store your crop so it lasts for as long as possible cook your crop using the basics.

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I suspect, most of us can't wait when a particular fruit or vegetable is about to come into season. the first asparagus/new potatoes/strawberries/runner beans, or whatever takes your particular fancy, always taste better than we remember them. However after several weeks of eating the same thing boiled, steamed or baked the delight wears off and I am looking for new ways to cook them. With this in mind I will share with you some recipes where the featured food takes pride of place and help you to enjoy your crop even more.

If you have a favourite recipe to add to our library please send them in.

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