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There are a few other things that can be put into a compost pile or compost heap that do not neatly fit into the greens and browns list but can successfully be diverted from your landfill waste and turned into compost. They include;

  • Egg shells, but not the contents - should be dried and crushed, they add grit and texture to the compost
  • Soil a little does no harm but is not necessary. Soil from pot plant roots for example is fine
  • Hair, animal or human
  • Vacuum cleaner dust - it's mostly human skin cells and hair.
  • Woolly sweaters and woollen clothing
  • Jeans and cotton clothing
  • silk and silk clothing
  • Urine - gets the compost heap going a treat
  • Water - only add if your compost looks a bit dry, you may not have enough greens in the mix

This list is quite comprehensive but not exhausted. If you have something that is not listed and want to know whether it can go into your compost bin, please ask me.

Remember - "If in doubt, leave it out."

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