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Ideal for those who produce a small amount of waste because they live alone or have a small garden which does not generate much waste.

You will need;

  • Access to 1 meter square of garden or some green space such as an allotment.
  • A composting bin such as the black bins commonly seen that look like a black Dalek. The bin will have no bottom and is very likely to have a lid.
  • Waste fruit, vegetable and plant matter. These are nitrogen producers, also known as greens, which contain water.
  • Waste paper, card and woody matter. These are carbon producers, also known as browns, which absorb water.
  • Air. Compost production is and aerobic process. The microorganisms, bugs and beasts manufacturing your compost for you need to breathe. Scrunch up your paper waste so that air is trapped amongst the layers.coldcompost1 280x238

Perfect compost is created if you use a 50/50 mix of greens and browns, added in layers to your compost bin. You should not need to add any other ingredients. You will notice that the contents of the bin will quickly sink down allowing space for more on top, shrinkage can be between 50% and 75%, composters who have very little to add to their bin will never actually fill it. After 6 months or so the bottom layers should have started to turn into usable compost, which you can remove from the bin and use straight away or store. If you do not use this compost it will gradually be absorbed into the soil layers below the bin and feed the plants around your bin.

If you have any questions please ask me.

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