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This section provides a list of tasty carrot recipes and links to recipes on other websites. It is aimed at helping you to find some new and exciting ways to eat your carrots, because when you have a glut of any fruit or vegetable it is easy to get bored with eating them presented the same way every day. 

Carrots in our house are usually served steamed and the variety is down to whether I cut them into rounds or sticks. When I’m lucky there is the addition of Mashed Carrot and Swede, a personal favourite, which given my dislike of carrots is saying something! As carrots are such a regular addition to our dinner plates I have made it a personal challenge to find some tasty carrot dishes, I am happy to eat, from the many cook books we own, many of which are out of print. I hope you like them too.

Happy eating!

Recipes eaten and enjoyed by us, our family and friends.

carrot soup with orange1

Carrot Soup

Carrot soup created on its own or as one of the classic combinations, with either corriander or orange. What more would you want on a cold day to keep you warm.



carrot bhajia

Carrot Bharjia

Carrot Bhajia is an adaptation of a vegetable bharjia recipe we have used for years. I no longer know where the original recipe came from but it forms a great base of spices which can be used with any vegetable for a quick and easy side dish.


   carrotswede-mash Carrot and swede mash

Mashed carrots are not something I would rush to eat and mashed swede is also not high on my list of preferences either. But put the two together though and you have a delightful, flavoursome combination and I fail to understand why I like it so much, but I do. I hope you enjoy it too.


carrot cake

Carrot cake 

There are many carrot cake recipes. This version has been tried and loved by many carrot lovers and haters amongst our friends and family. This is a single layer tray bake version of a carrot cake which is just how I like it. I hope you enjoy it too.



Carrot and almond chutney

This chutney was first made by John as an entry to the Wanborough Summer Show. Unfortunately it was robbed of its deserved first prize however it has become a firm family favourite ever since. It is a sweet, gingery chutney and goes really well with a strong cheddar and plain crackers, even I like it!


If you like these recipes, we have a whole section dedicated to sharing recipes with you. Our recipe of the week is linked to our Facebook page so Like Us to keep updated of anything new. If you have a carrot based recipe to share, send it in, we would love to hear from you.

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Links to other Carrot recipes

We have researched  carrot recipes for you and have them stored on our pinterest board "Recipes using carrots". If you want to find more recipes follow this link to Pinterest or check out the web sites listed below.

Eat and enjoy!