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wormery1Wormeries really dont need much looking after. Feed them regularly with the right food and your compost worms will create worm compost for you.

The location of the wormery and protection from extreme temperatures are the most important things to think about. Compost worms live most comfortably at temperatures between 15 - 25 C. A wormery is naturally a wet place so in full sun your worms will boil, in extreme cold they are going to freeze. Having said that you will also want the worms in a handy place so that you don't need to treck to the bottom of the garden when you've got some food for them. A sheltered spot near to the kitchen door would be ideal. Here are a few other fundamental tips to guide you.

  • In summer - check they are protected from direct sunlight, wormeries tend to be black or dark green plastic, which absorbs heat.
  • In winter - if you can move the wormery into a shed or garage they will love you for it. However if they have to rough it outside add a bit of extra protection around the outside using bubble wrap, old carpet etc.
  • Once a week or so drain off the leachate or worm tea. It builds up and although worms like a damp environment they dont swim too well.
  • Feed them a little and often, especially whilst the colony is developing or recovering from being emptied. Worms eat a fair amount but if you overdo it you will overload the system and end up with problems.
  • Just like us, worms slow down in the cold, they will not eat as much in winter.
  • If the wormery is looking a bit dry either soak the paper and card in water before you add it or give them some additional water using a fine spray nozz;e on a watering can. All the fluid that comes out needs to be replaced and not all of it will come form the green waste you provide.
  • Chop up large pieces of food and avoid the really tough stuff, worms are not famous for their ability to chew.
  • Some manufacturers advise that their wormeries are safe indoors. they don't smell however no matter how hard you try your worms will escape one day, the tap will leak and the dog or a helpful child will push the whole thing over. I wouldn't go there, outside is best

This should give you a good start, if you need some more info please ask me.

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