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Once you have created this wonderful sludge and the liquid by product you need to make use of if. However Bokashi compost and Bokashi tea are both very concentrated fertilisers and should not be used to feed plants unless diluted first.

Using Bokashi Compost

peasupportsThe compost and can be used in three ways to;

  1. feed the plants growing in your garden by digging a hole or trench near to the plants you want to feed. Mix a little of the bokashi with some of the soil you have removed from the trench, then fill the trench again.
  2. feed the soil you plan to grow plants in, in the near future by digging a hole or trench deeper than you need for the new plants, spread a little bokashi compost along the trench then in fill with soil you have removed or compost, allow a few weeks before you put your plants in.
  3. to add nutrients to your compost by adding the bokashi compost to the heap. It will mix in as the compost forms or when you turn the heap. Bokashi compost makes a good compost starter if you are hot composting.

Making and Using Bokashi Tea

The EM liquid that you have been removing from your bokashi bin, whilst filling the bin with food waste, is a highly concentrated fertiliser, much stronger than worm tea. To make it a usable liquid fertiliser you must dilute the liquid first. The recipe you need to dilute the concentrated liquid down to bokashi tea is 1 part EM liquid to 100 parts of water. Once diluted the liquid fertiliser can be used the same as you would use any other liquid fertiliser to feed;

  • House plants pot plants
  • fruit and vegetable plants growing in a green house or outside
  • bedding plants
  • herbaceous plants and shrubs
  • Anything else that grows in your garden that would benefit from a liquid food

If you have an excess of bokashi tea and don't know what to do with it I am told it makes a good drain cleaner but before you pour it away check that you don't have any family, friends or neighbours that would like to use it. It would be a shame to waste good plant food.

If you have any further question please ask me.

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