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bokashi2Using EM technology to produce Bokashi compost is an ideal solution to those who want to divert organic waste from their landfill bins and either do not have access to green space for a compost bin or already have a compost bin and want to compost organic food stuff which currently sits on the "just don't go there list". Putting food waste in a bucket with no other ingredients will result in a rotting sludge that smells terrible and will probably fill up with maggots. Adding Bokashi bran as the food ferments produces a brown liquid fertiliser and a thick sludge that smells a little sour. The fermentation is an anaerobic activity, it doesn't need air, therefore the browns you would normally add to a kitchen compost caddy are a no go zone for the bokashi bin.

To make Bokashi compost and EM liquid fertiliser from organic household kitchen waste you will need;

  • 2 tight lidded containers or buckets, either with or without taps. Please note that the purpose made bins can be expensive but the addition of a tap makes life easier and they come with a plastic dabbler for pressing all the air out. If you dont go for a purpose made Bokashi bin you will need something to press down on the waste to remove air.
  • Bokashi bran, widely available on line.
  • Anything from the compostable "greens" list, that has come out of the kitchen, chopped into small pieces.
  • Anything that has lived, i.e. organic matter from meat, poultry and fish including the bones, from the "just don't go there" list, also chopped into small pieces if possible.
  • Space in your kitchen for 1 bin Space outside for the other bin
  • Access to either a compost heap/bin or somewhere you can dig a hole to bury the fermented waste.

Additional optional extras;

  • Plastic or glass bottles with screw tops for the liquid fertiliser.
  • Biodegradable bin liners.

To get the whole process going you need to spread a little of the Bokashi bran in the bottom of your bin, add some of your chopped up food waste and then sprinkle a little more bran over the top. You don't need a lot of bran just a sprinkle. Press out as much air from the food/bran mixture then put the lid on tightly so that no flies can get in. Repeat this process until the bin is getting full, drawing off any liquid every 2 - 3 days. Decant the liquid into labelled bottles with screw tops, this liquid is the concentrated liquid fertiliser. Once the bin is getting full remove it from the kitchen to a safe place out of the way, preferable outside, out of reach of children and animals, then leave it to ferment for 2 - 3 weeks.

Start the process all over again using the second bin. The second bin should be full and ready for fermentation at the point the first bin has done pickling. When the first bin is done the contents are ready to either be added to your compost heap or, if you don't have access to one, dug into the garden or green space as a fertiliser. If you have no garden or compost heap you can dig a hole somewhere and bury the sludge, it will feed the plants around it.

Please note that big bones such as you would remove from a roasting joint might not decompose within 2 weeks. If one turns up just put it through the process again.

If you have any questions about Bokshi compost please ask me.

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