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This game is played by chickens within in the confines of their run though sometimes they will play during their out time, just for variation. It gives them plenty of exercise and whilst not a team game they will all play this together with a unified goal. If you find this game cruel beyond words then don’t feed snails to your chickens and always supply a plentiful amount of food when dishing it out. Don’t be disheartened if they play killerball anyway. A chicken always wants what another chicken has even when there is food lying around for the taking, because... Well just because!


  • A source of food
  • Anything that could be mistaken for food, including food

Aim of the game;

To eat food


  1. Anything can be considered food
  2. The food needs to be large enough to not be swallowed whole
  3. Any chicken wanting food must acquire the food in an aggressive pecking style
  4. Any chicken with food must keep running until the food has diminished in size enough to swallow whole or the rest of the flock give up, the second option is unlikely
  5. The food shall be pecked at whilst running with great difficulty
  6. There is no safe ground.

How to play;

  1. Make a small amount of food available to your chickens whilst they are in the run. For extended play this should be a snail or stale bread
  2. Whichever chicken is nearest the food or fastest to get to it must grab the tasty morsel and make a dash for it.
  3. The rest of the flock will chase the lead chicken pecking at the food if they can get near enough.
  4. The flock will continue to chase the lead chicken until the remaining food is swallowed whole or they run out of energy


The chicken that has eaten the most food. Please note that the lead chicken is very rarely the winner as she is too busy running to try and eat the tasty morsel.