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Were can I buy bokashi bran?

Bokashi bran can be bought easily on-line. If you are unable or uncomfortable buying on-line then most suppliers do have a mail order service. If you have a good quality garden centre near you they may stock bokashi bran or be able to buy stock on your behalf.

I have maggots in my bin. Why are they there and what should I do?

Maggots are the offspring from flies. Flies can spread some nasty germs therefore both the flies and maggots do not have a place in your kitchen. The only way the maggots will have arrived in your bin is if the lid was left open enough for flies to get in and lay their eggs. Always make sure the lid has be replaced properly and is forming a tight seal on your bin. Unfortunately the only thing to do with the contaminated bokash mix is to dig a hole and bury it. The EM in the bran you have used will still work it's magic on the food waste buried with it and the plants in the vicinity will still benefit from the fertilised soil. Look again at the section Making Bokashi compost and EM liquid fertiliser for more about making bokashi compost successfully.

I have loads of bottles of Bokashi tea, more than I can use. What can I do with it?

The liquid bokashi tea is highly concentrated and this means that a little fertiliser goes a long way. It is likely that you will have excess fertiliser or concentrated bokashi tea especially if you have a small or no garden. The kindest thing to do would be to pass it on to friends or family that do have a use for it to help make their crops more successful, if you are lucky they may even give you some of their produce in thanks. If these avenues are exhausted the liquid can be poured down the drain, I suggest you use an outside access point. Check again the section on Using Bokashi compost and Bokshi tea, for more idea's.

I have used the bokashi compost around my plants and they do not look good. What has happened?

The most likely cause is that you have not "diluted" the bokashi compost enough and therefore the concentration is too high for the plants you have used it near. Remember that a little goes a long way. Ensure you mix plenty of topsoil with the concentrated bokashi compost when you dig it in around your plants, young plants are even more at risk than old ones so make sure you allow a few weeks after application before you sew seeds or start planting. Check again the section on Using Bokashi compost and Bokshi tea, for more on diluting your bokashi compost.

If you have any other questions that are not covered here, please ask me.

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