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asparagusgaletteThis recipe has evolved from a puff pastry experiment which John tried when we had some leftover puff pastry. You will be creating a cross between a giant vol-au-vent and a tart for a savoury snack, light meal or picnic.. Try this asparagus version and then explore the world of food flavours by making up your own toppings. Never throw leftover puff pastry away again!

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Recipe makes serves 4 as a light meal with a mixed salad


  • ¼ of a block of puff pastry
  • ¼ of a qty of basic tomato sauce or 8 tbsp passatta
  • 8 asparagus spears trimmed but left whole
  • Grated cheddar

You will also need

  • A baking tray


  1. Pre heat the oven to 180c
  2. Roll out you puff pastry to a 20 x 20cm square
  3. Using a sharp knife score all the way round the inside of your pastry square 1.5cm in from the edge
  4. Cover the inner square with tomato sauce
  5. Arrange the asparagus on top of the tomato sauce then sprinkle with grated cheese
  6. Bake for approx. 20 mins until the pastry crust is golden and well risen
  7. Eat hot or cold with salad

Serving suggestions and variations

  • Can be doubled in quantity for more portions or a main meal
  • This dish makes a great addition to a picnic
  • Try adding a little chopped ham, sliced and cooked onions, cooked mushrooms, peppers or whatever you have to hand, asparagus is optional
  • A fruit version works equally well.  Brush the fruit with a little warmed apricot jam when cooked and serve hot or cold


There are probably loads of versions in recipe books for this or a version of it. For us this recipe evolved from a puff pastry experiment which John tried when we had some leftover puff pastry, it became a pastry pizza. This is a great leftovers dish so the size might vary depending up the pastry available. We no longer have leftover puff pastry! Well done John.

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Happy eating!