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This section provides a list of tasty Asparagus recipes that we, our family and our friends have tried and enjoyed. There are also links to recipes on other websites to help you to get the greatest taste variety from your Aparagus when in season. It is aimed at helping you to find some new and exciting ways to eat your Asparagus, because this tasty veg has a short season, there is nothing you can do to even out the crop growth so it all arrives at once.

Asparagus is a veg we tend to eat only when they are in season. This is not because we don't like them much, in fact we love them, it is beacause when out of season the only fresh ones you can get are grown and flown many miles and the tinned version really isn't very palletable. We really look forward to the asparagus season, when the shoots are ready to pick it is a very special time of year. What I have found is that asparagius is a forgotten veg when it comes to recipes and this might just be because it is really nice cooked without fuss however a little effort and you have something wonderful to eat and share with family and friends.

Recipes eaten and enjoyed by us, our family and friends.

 asparagusandcamembertBaked Camembert with asparagus dippers

A good baked camembert is delicious and runny just like a fondue without the messy pan. Add char grilled or baked asparagus spears and some good friends, you'll have a perty!





asparagussoupAsparagus Soup

A light refreshing asparagus soup recipe that can be served warm or cold, I like mine hot.






 asparagustartAsparagus and ham flan

Asparagus tart or asparagus flan evolved from the basic onion tart recipe, having made this version, for the first time ever, I had to fight the boys to get a slice, NOT FAIR! Whether you call it a savoury tart or a savoury flan - we call it tasty.





 asparagusgaletteAsparagus Galette

This recipe has evolved from a puff pastry experiment. You will be creating a cross between a giant vol-au-vent and a tart. Ideal for a savoury snack, light meal or picnic, it is easy to adapt to personal taste.





If you like these recipes, we have a whole section dedicated to sharing recipes with you. Our recipe of the week is linked to our Facebook page so Like Us to keep updated of anything new. If you have an asparagus based reciepe to share, send it in, we would love to hear from you.

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Links to other asparagus recipes

We have research a nuber of recipes using asparagus and have them stored on our Pinterest barod " Recipes usinbg asparagus". Follow this link to Pinterest and browse through for more idea's. Alternatively follow the links to the web sites listed below.

Eat and enjoy!