finished.compost1 220x165If you make compost at home for yourself, you are making free compost. Explore this section to learn all about the different composting methods you can use at home, what you can and can't compost and when your compost is ready to use. Explore our FAQ's to answer most of your composting questions and learn how and when to use this wonderful nutritious material that you can produce free using your own kitchen and garden waste. The different methods covered include;

  • Cold Composting, using one or more compost bin
  • Hot composting, using a compost heap
  • Using a wormery, looking after your worm community and how to use worm casts and leachate
  • Bokashi, used for processing meat and ccoked food waste
  • Explore the other kinds of compost available and how to compost things that shouldn't go in your compost bin