Scaly legs in chickens are caused by a small, burrowing mite (Knemidokoptes mutans). These mites burrow into the skin under the leg scales where they live and breed. The males are only 0.25mm long and the females 0.5mm so it is unlikely you'll see them, only the results of their presence. The signs of an infestation are raised leg scales cause by the detritus produced by these mites. This can cause irritation, skin rashes and swellings which can have a severe effect on your chickens if not treated.

The best solution to Csaly leg is Vasseline. Spread it over both legs, the gel cuts off the oxegene supply and the mites die. Apply luberally and repeat regularly. If the infection is severe you may want to try a proprietary treatment instead such as;

  • Nettex - scaly leg treatment
  • Barrier - scaley legt ointment or spray
  • Smite - mite powder or spray

Remember healthy chickens are happy chickens!